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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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behind me. bullet casings were on my forehead. >> the suspect, james holmes was arrested. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> according to one official, holmes told investigators he was the joker, a super villain in the batman movie. he looked like a deranged individual. he had his hair painted red. >> holmes told police his apartment was booby trapped. s.w.a.t. teams found flammable materials inside of the home. we're learning more about the ald gunman. abc news confirmed he purchased guns legally in the last few months and has a degree in neuroscience. >> and abc 7 news is in colorado to cover the tragedy in aurora. we'll hear from her live on abc 7 news at 5:00 and she'll tweet updates.
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>> and we know the name of one of the victims of the massacre. aspiring sportscaster went professionally by jessica redfield, an intern in a denver radio station. we'll have the heart breaking way the world found out about her death today. >> we're learning more about the gunman. he grew up in san diego and graduated with honors in uc riverside. >> he was in the process of withdrawing from the university of colorado. >> now more on that california connection. >> the 24-year-old james holmes grew up in a well to do subsush in san diego, northeastern part of the city. our sister station was there this morning at the suspect's house, the suspect's father was escorted away by police. san diego police walked robert holmes out of his house this morning. officers say they wanted to protect the suspect's father from reporters questions.
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robert holmes driven to the airport in san diego and he boarded a southwest flight to colorado. >> police handed out a written statement which reads our hearts go out to those involved in this tragedy. neighbors say they remembered the west view high school graduate as a quiet, smart boy. >> still refer to him as jimmy. >> james holmes moved to riverside to go to uc riverside as an under graduate. >> he joined us in 2006 and graduated in 2010. he was a honor student in neuroscience. and he had a merit-based scholarship while here. and then, he moved on to colorado for graduate work. >> that chancellor of uc riverside has to make, you
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wonder a merit scholar to a guy that tells police "i am the joker". >> mark you're familiar with san diego, what can you tell us about the neighborhood? >> it's upper middle class. a lot of spanish style homes and very much well to do part of san diego. not as fans eye as del mar bu but... >> fairly afluent? >> yes. >> the school, west view very well known and respected school in poway. >> thank you. >> and one note here. the weekend, if you plan to see the new batman movie in an amc theater don't come in costume. the chain said it's banning face-covering masks and fake weapons and costume that's make others feel uncomfortable. james holmes is said to have dyed his hair red and wear a vest, gas mass skpk glove autos police in the bay area
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are on heightened alert, movie goers will likely see more police patrols. we're live with that part of the story. >> we're at the reegan cinemas. there was a shooting here a couple weeks ago, under related to what happened in colorado. if they've implemented new security measures here they're not saying about that, or today. but the company did issue a statement saying movie goers can expect stricter controls on costumes and accessories and there are theaters getting back frup police today. this matinee showings were uneventful. police chiefs are increasing patrols in theater autos we're very concerned about copy cat-type of action. >> we want everybody attending films in san francisco to be reassured that we'll spare no
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recourse. >> and amb theaters banned movie goers from wearing masks and carrying weapons. the chief says he will be in contact about the same concern. >> there is a suspect able to go undetected because he was in a movie theater, people were allowed to wear costumes because of, i guess batman costumes and his enemies. it's not something unusual for him to be dressed the way he was dressed. >> samuel santino says his enthusiasm for seeing the movie was dampened but he never considered staying home. >> it's a random act of violence, we can't be frightened about it. >> and this police department confirmed it will be increasing patrols in theaters tonight. >> do we know if police plan
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to patrol inside or just outside? >> they, the indications so far is that they do not plan to be inside, observing, staked out there. but more just increasing patrols, drive bys in the cars before, during and after the movies. now, it's important to note, too, theaters have private security. and they just don't want to say what kind of extra measures they might have taken if they have. that is for obvious reasons. and that is how they're going to be watched. >> this shooting in colorado is brought back painful members of the shooting at oikos university in oakland. seven people were killed when one goh began shooting inside of a classroom. a director of a nursing
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program there says her heart broke when she heard of the massacre. >> that anyone can walk into a public place and shoot people. and here, there. anyway. i'm horrified and very upset this morning and glad they got him. and let him rot in jail. go to jail. >> goh faces seven counts of murder and 10 special circumstances in this shooting. >> coverage of the tragedy continues here on abc 7 news at 4:00. coming up, how people in paris, france are being affected by what happened overnight in colorado, then, at 4:30 the affect on campaign activities. 440, the tweet that caused nra to make a permanent change. >> and it has been a busy news day here in the bay area. there is a car chase across the bay bridge wendz a crash in san francisco. >> and an ambulance overturns
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in the mission district. it's been a lot of breaking news today, we'll have details coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> there is a heat up in a big way. how long hot the weekend is going to be coming up. >> let's take a look at traffic there is sticky on the bay bridge. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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two people led police on a high-speed chase this afternoon. oakland police followed them as they drove at speeds up to 85 miles per hour. you can see their black suv
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weaving through traffic there. and it crashed at the fremont street exit. and at least three vehicles were involved in this. that exit had to be shut down, five ambulances had to respond to the scene. sky 7 was overhead. police aest rested the two men. at least three people were hurt in this crash. police say the men were wanted for robbery and burglary. in the north bay there is a man that lost control his truck this afternoon, crashing against the front of a building on magnolia road. firefighters had to clear debris, then used special equipment to extricate the man from the truck. >> a teenager will be charged as an adult for a shooting that killed a toddler in the oakland parking lot. the boy was caught m a spray of bullets between suspected gang members. and nick smith is live with
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the latest. >> this is the tale of two families united in grief. one grandmother mourning the loss of a grandson. the second here to support a grandson 16, being charged as an adult facing federal charges and concluding the murder of that toddler. >> i love him. >> wanda jenkins, the grandmother of fredic charles kolman came to support her grandson after he was indicted of crimes, including murder of a 23-month-old. >> he was raised g properly. >> investigators say fed rick charles and two others are responsible for a bloody shootout in november that killed a toddler, lawrence junior shot in the head as his father tried to protect his son from a gun fight erupting in a parking lot of a liquor
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store after the taping of a rap video. hiram died 11 days later after the family decided to take him off life support. the grandmother was in the courtroom to represent the family and keep memory of her grandson alive. >> the thought of him every day, the thought of someone taking my grandson. he lived with me. he was with me every day. i keep him in my heart. i got a good heart, a spiritual heart. >> law enforcement say they're confident they have the man responsible for the death of the toddler. >> it's good to demonstrate that we didn't give up in this case. >> the 16-year-old is being charged as an adult and does not have an attorney, he's expected back in court monday, he's also expected to enter a plea n oakland, nick smith abc 7 news. >> a crash between an ambulance and a car left two people injured today in san
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francisco's mission district. >> the ambulance smashed against a car at 16th and vanness avenue. the driver lost control of the ambulance. the driver of the car and an intern were treated for minor wounds. the ambulance is not carrying patients at the time. >> and a frightening robbery in san jose east hills. a man was shot this morning when he confront aid home intruder. the victim told police he heard noises and went to investigate and found a man going through his stuff. the burglar shot the man in the arm ask took off with what he stole. >> police with guns drawn conducted a door to door search this morning near the bart station. officers were looking for two men wanted in an armed robbery, first spotted hanging out at the parking lot then took off into the neighborhood. police focused around hamilton street and 76th avenue, officers detained a suspect. another got away.
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>> and there is some breaking news in hayward. one apartment fire is burning. and and there is a unit destroyed. red cross is on the way to help those living here there are no injuries to report. >> and let's turn now, what a busy day it s let's talk about the weather for the weekend. >> this is live doppler 7 hd. you can see low clouds cleared away from the coastline, sunny skies from coast to inland and quite a warm up under way now. temperatures 92 degrees in santa rosa. there is 93 in livermore, 83 mountain view. 66 in san francisco. there is fog returning to the coast. hot inland and cooler tuesday and wednesday.
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warm days are headed our way. there is a temperatures starting to rise, and will continue rising for three days or so before we get a major cool down. tonight fog return together coast. low temperatures tropping only into mid to upper 50s and mild overnight. we'll start at ak in the moshing and there is a spot of it that will be mild on the coast. highs there into 60s tomorrow, 70s to 80s ash the bay. mid to upper 90s inland. let's start in the south bay. high temperatures into mid to upper 80s tomorrow. there is 90 in los gatos, highs ranging from 75 in millbrae to low to mid 80s in redwood city and mountain view. mid-60s on the coast. and downtown san francisco there is a high of 69 degrees. there is highs upper 80s to
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low 90s, 89 in san vom gnome ja. near east bay highs 80s in oakland. 83 union city. there are highs into mid to upper 90s. and there is highs into mid-70s near the bay. watsonville and santa cruz. mid-90s inland in morgan hill and gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. upper 0s inland tomorrow, mid-80s around the bay. there are mid-90s inland sunday and monday. starting to cool down tuesday and wednesday. there is not going to see triple digits. it's possible inland locations can hit 100 tomorrow, it's
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going to be very warm. >> this is in comparison to this week. >> and we want to take just a moment to thank those of you who have helped raise thousands of dollars for foster children just by liking abc 7 news on facebook. >> there are a few of our fans. you can still make a difference and perhaps get mentioned on the news, just like abc 7 news now, $1 gets donated to abc 7 sleep train dream campaign. >> coming up here, how people in paris are being affected by what happened overnight in colorado. >> and batman fans weigh in on the tragedy. they say the comic book is getting an unfair rap. >> another at traffic, friday afternoon. it's slow moving as we head to
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the bay bridge. and you'd expect that on friday. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. ♪
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we want to continue coverage of the theater
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massacre in colorado. leaving 12 people dead and 59 others injured. in paris, red carpet premier of the film was cancelled as a precaution. disappointed movie goers gathered outside of the hotel where the movie was to be shown. they don't understand why this event that took place across the atlantic would have an impact on their career but it was out of caution, issuing this statement, warner brothers are deeply saddened to learn about this incident. we extend our sympathyes to the families and loved ones. >> the president and ceo of the chain where the shooting occurred spoke today from texas. >> we haven't had security incidents in this theater. the person made a well organized and have an assault
4:23 pm
weapon probably overpowering security. it's obviously a did he ranged gunman that had access to very high, powerful weapon autos tim warner added he doesn't know if theater employees were wounded or killed. >> there is coverage continuing and up next, we're learning about some victims of the tragedy and messages being left by loved one autos and comments from the president and mitt romney.
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welcome back to continuing courage of the colorado theater massacre. after 12:30, police in aurora started to receive calls of a shooting in a theater showing "batman the dark knight rises". that is when a man started firing on the audience, 12 people died and 59 were injured. >> there are seven down. seven down. >> i was just trying to think how to get my kids out of there. >> we're not looking for any other suspects. we're confident that he act add lone. >> the shooter caught and arrested near his car outside of the movie theater, officers found three loaded weapons in the vehicle. >> this suspect identified as james holmes dropping out of a dock toreal program.
4:27 pm
witnesses say he told them "i am the joker". holmes apartment is booby trapped with chemicals and wires and he is not talking to police. >> there is a close relative of the suspected colorado gunman lives just south of the bay area. >> and we're live with reaction from james holmes uncle. >> right. the uncle of the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes does live here in carmel. we visited the house of the uncle and also named james holmes and he did not answer the door but he did talk earlier with a reporter from the local abc affiliate according to our station here he described his nephew as a nerd and unassuming kid. he also said he is shocked and horrified by the news and
4:28 pm
added his nephew never acted out cure during childhood or teen-aged years. also referring to his nephew as jimmy. now we have left our contact information at the carmel home. if the suspect's uncle contacts us, we'll report any additional inside into the character of his nephew. 24-year-old young man, the subject of so much news and grief tonight. reporting live in carmel, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and there is learning about one of the victims. >> there is a tweeted heart breaking message saying coroner's office confirmed my sister, jessica redfield died of injuries in the shooting. later tweeting let us remember names of the victims not the name of the coward who committed this act. >> 24-year-old jessica red feed was an aspiring sports
4:29 pm
broadcaster who loved hockey. last month she escaped a shooting in a mall in canada and wrote every day that life is a gift. and jessica was with her boyfriend when she died. he was wounded but managed to call his mom and dad in texas. >> i said woah i went back to bed thinking about that. then called back later and we found out he was shot and his girlfriend was killed. >> the president made first public comments at what is supposed to be a campaign rally. >> he then limited his appearance and limited remarks soley to the tragedy. >> we'll take every step possible to ensure the safety of all of our people. we're going to stand by our neighbors in colorado during this difficult time. >> the president ordered flags
4:30 pm
be flown at half staff and cancelled rest of his appearances for the day. >> there are going to be other days for politics. this, i think is a day for prayer and reflection. >> and the president then left florida and returned to the white house, in new hampshire mitt romney sa he extended condolences to the victims. >> i stand before you today not as a man running for office but a father, grandfather, husband, and american. this is a time for each to us look into our hearts and remember how much we love one another. and loch we love and care for our great country. >> both candidates have moved forward, all political ads airing in colorado for the time being. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 what police are now learning about the suspect james holmes. >> we're going to go live with
4:31 pm
the latest on why police are forced to be careful when looking for information on what may have motivated this shooting. >> also, the krompl tweet that may nra make a change this morning. >> clear skies at the coast and a big warm up coming our way. it's going to get hot over the weekend. i'll
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here but a different story across the rest of the country. >> that is right. national heat wave continues but notice the shift east, it had been much of the week and week before. there are highs tomorrow only into 70s and 80s and there is plenty of heat in the mid section of the nation. and a high of 97 in st. louis tomorrow. there is 98 in salt lake city. and there is california tomorrow, not only is the bay area heating up but much of the remainder of the state heating up as well. there is 101 in sacramento and 103 in fresno. there is 110 in palm springs so the heat is spreading. here if the bay area, you can expect highs closing in on the 100 degree mark. looking for upper 90s, 98 in antioch and livermore. 96 in concord, north bay, low to mid 9 ows and 92 down south
4:35 pm
and morgan hill. lots of 80s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. woops, seven-day forecast coming up later, i can tell you that heat is going to be with us throughout the weekend. we can expect it to remain warm inland until monday before there is a cool down. >> back to our top story now. largest mass shooting in u.s. history. 12 people shot dead m a theater in aurora, colorado. 59 ornlz wounded. >> reporter sandra with our news partner cnn is live. what have you learned about the shooter? >> well we know from law enforcement that he had four guns with him, an assault rifle, shotgun and two handguns that is what is used
4:36 pm
in this assault ai. crowded movie theater makes for easy targets. the suspect is a 24-year-old and he is in police custody. officials say he colored his hair red and told police when arrested that he was the joker. we know that he exelled in academics, a university of colorado dok toreal student in neuroscience working at the university and planning to withdraw from the program that i entered last year, a lot is unknown about the suspect. he's expected in court on monday. >> and we know his apartment has been booby trapped. what is the latest on efforts to deal with that? >> there is a dicey situation. they're being careful as to what they're going to do with his harmt. he mentioned explosives being in his apartment. his one bedroom apartment just walking distance from the university.
4:37 pm
and there is where they're being cautious. and this might not be until tomorrow until they try to diffuse whatever is in there. and now, they're trying to get a handle on what is inside of the apartment. and there is a evacuation as a precaution to neighbors. >> what are you hearing from survivors here? >> just hearing stories of horrific chaos when this shooting broke out. we understand from eyewitnesses that the suspect allegedly threw a smoke bomb into the theater as well as other things.
4:38 pm
he was dressed in tactical gear, wearing a gas mask and just opened fire. they say they're just thankful to be alive. when you think about all of the victims in this, 71 people shot and this is ages from 3 months old to 45 years old. >> that is absolutely shocking. >> thank you. >> and abc 7 news is on scene her live reports are coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. and she's also tweeting updates as we speak. >> national rifle association being criticized for sending out an insensitive tweet this morning. that tweet from the official nra account read good morning shooters. happy friday. weekend plans? it was posted at 9:00 eastern time just hours after the
4:39 pm
deadly theater shooting. the twitter account has been disabled and a spokesman for the guns rights groups says the person who posted was unaware of the events and that the tweet has since been taken out of context. >> and stay with abc 7 news for the latest on the shooting. you can get any breaking news updates on twitter and on our facebook page. >> world news will have coverage live from aurora at 5:00:30 here on abc 7. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news, san francisco's suspended sheriff and wife back together. the judge's ruling up next. >> and in court, the man accused of slamming into a mother and daughter with his car, taking a judge for the first time. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. es
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>> breaking news in the east bay. it's one of four local police departments that has had reports of a sus spishus white
4:43 pm
powder today. >> there are similar reports at departments in hayward and they turned out to be nothing. >> and there is a lot of tense moments today. the situation has been cleared and they found powder actually is not hazardous but this began at around 2:17 in the afternoon. police sargeant told us that a clerk at the front door opened up an envelope. in that envelope there is white powder that fell on to her desk and there are emergency protocols and people had to evacuate and others had to stay in place. and they worked on that about 50 worked and cleared the issue and found out it was a
4:44 pm
fruit-based powder and not hazardous. and this began this morning. the same situation there occurred. a clerk opened an envelope and saw, actually saw some powder inside an envelope before openg it up. and those protocols kicked in there. and and there is and the berkeley place department tells us there are laumpbling an investigation with the fbi. and they say they're going to be talking to other police departments they haven't done so yet. they're going to try to coordinate efforts to find out who, or whom, set up this situation.
4:45 pm
we'll have more at 6:00 and 11:00. >> thank you. >> a union city man in court today to face felony charges for running into a mother and her child. police say it stems from a road rage confrontation with another driver and we're live with details. >> this is a 21-year-old arraigned in court asked if he would be able to afford a lawyer. he told the judge, no. now, he is out ton onbail, expected to appear in court one week from today. and now, this surveillance video shows when his car lost control, barely missing a toddler. but the car slammed into the mother and his sister, who was in a stroller. fremont police say he and another man were involved in a confrontation on peralta boulevard. the second driver backed off
4:46 pm
but continued and lost control of the car. he faces two charges including reckless driving causing injury. >> this has a possible maximum sentence of three years in state prison. it's potentially what he's facing on that count. >> the second driver is cooperating with investigators and is a witness at this time. but the d.a.says that second man could be charged because he, too, was engaged in a beating contest. the injured mother, 43 years old and her daughter who is 1 year old is both, they're both home, recovering and they're out of the hospital. in fremont abc 7 news. >> suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife are now officially back together again. >> yes that. is after a judge lifted a stay away order that separated the couple for seven month autos vic lee is here now with this story.
4:47 pm
and what is next for this cup yeel you're right. it has been a seven month separation. the judge modified the stay away order this morning to an order that prevents mirkarimi from harassing or assaulting lopez. the bottom line is that couple can reunite. eliana lopez crossed her fingers and walked into the courtroom. minutes later her husband and lawyer arrived hopeful they can reunite. >> i miss my family terribly. we want to, i want to rebuild. he i believe so, does my wife. >> mirkarimi had been ordered to attend domestic violence classes after pleading guilty to a reduced domestic violence charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment. a probation officer old the judge that mirkarimi had good marks in classes and did not object to lifting the court order. this prosecutor asked
4:48 pm
questions about whether she'd feel safe for herself and her 2-year-old son, theo if the order were lefted. lopez answered yes. >> they don't want to thug. they want to kiss. >> the best of this is that theo is going to have his time, together. the best thing its been seven months since the two were separated. >> this is been beyond cruel and punishing. this is isn't something anyone of us asked for. >> mirkarimi stands a pose qiblt of losing his job. lopez testified at the ethics commission hearing and was res sole yut to her husband. >> what is the first thing you're going to do? >> any plans? >> well... so what now? lopez goes back to venezuela
4:49 pm
to care for her aling father and work on a movie. the ethics commission meets again to wrap up its deliberations. and what about their son? >> any plans? >> interesting. >> this will be continuing to follow. >> thank you. >> and the head of the state parks department is out of a job tonight following a discovery of an unreported $54 million independent fundses. >> auditors said it dates back at least 12 years. a former under secretary of state says lawmakers had known there won't have been a need for a measure asking voters to increase funding. >> they had money back then. and it's just a turn over 12 year period. they were out advocating for a proposition, 21. so none of this makes sense.
4:50 pm
>> the president of the state business round table. the attorney general launched an investigation. he has not offered an explanation for the unreported money. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> this is so... unthinkable someone could plan an attack on something that is supposed to be a joyous event. >> unthinkable happened in a theater. how this tragic shooting is affecting movie goers nationwide ask here in the bay area. >> then, on abc 7 news at 5:00 kids from colorado in town for poetry competition. tonight they share real life emotion on what unfolded in that aurora movie theater at 5:00. we'll be right back here. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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some movie growers watched
4:54 pm
midnight showing of "the dark knight rises". amy holly field spoke to those waiting in line. >> somest people were in a media blackout inside of the dark theater and didn't hear about the mass shooting in colorado. >> no one said anything. there wasn't a rumor or anything. or a murmer or anything going on. we were in the geek zone, i guess... but it's horrible. and i don't know what to say. i hope, my heart goes out to the families. >> those waiting for the 8:00 a.m. show heard about it online and word spread. >> it's certainly was so... unthinkable someone could deliberately plan an attack on something supposed to be a joyous event. >> danny goldman used to live
4:55 pm
in colorado she was waiting for information about friends while waiting in line for the movie. >> hoping everyone i know is okay. it's being part of the community myself, and then, having lived in colorado there is a good chance someone i know has been directly involved. >> and others tried to block it out. >> i try not to think about it. and. >> and after the movie was over, some told me they can see how victims thought the attack was part of the show. they say the movie is dark, and grim. and some told me they did think about the victims as they watched this movie. >> a special group has been set up on facebook called prayers for aurora, colorado
4:56 pm
shooting victims and families and comments coming from as far as australia. some people replacing profile picture was a black ribbon saying aroara. it has today's date on it to honor the victims. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and every dollar you donate is going to the sleep train dream campaign. and of course, you can continue this conversation at. abc 7 news at 5:00 continues right now with dan ashley ask cheryl jennings.
4:57 pm
>> if you just kept hearing it. bam. bam. bam. >> just trying to think... how i was going to get my kids out of there. >> theater goers describe fear they felt as a gunman burst into the midnight showing z 12 people died in the shooting and 59 were injured. and police say the gunman is james holmes a 24-year-old phd student. they say he burst into the movie with tear gas and hair painted red he told police he was the joker when arrested. a motive is still unclear. and he holmes is refusing to cooperate with police. the mother heard of the role, she reportedly said, quote,
4:58 pm
you have the right person. >> the shooting took place 20 miles from the school massacre in 1999. that was a deadliest shooting in colorado's history until today. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. >> there is team coverage and we want to begin at the scene in aurora, colorado. abc 7 news is on scene. >> this screams and terror inside of the premier weren't a reaction to action onscreen but from bullets fired by a rampaging gunman. >> you just kept hearing it. bam. bam. bam. >> eye witnesses say the gunman first tossed what appeared to be a smoke grenade. >> all i can think is if i stand up, he's going to shoot that. is what he was doing. i was just trying to think how i was going to get kids out of there. >> some were confused and thought the gunfire was coming from the movie.
4:59 pm
>> i see a guy next to me. a gentleman next to me getting shot. i realized that this is not part of the movie. there is a gunman shooting everyone. >> this eye witness says the gunman was dressed like a s.w.a.t. team member, wearing a gas mass skpk a protective vest. he ended up shooting people behind me. the bullet casings were burning and i smell shots. >> the suspect, a 24-year-old was arrested as he left the theater he was apprehended with... weapons in the car. >> according to one official holmes told investigators he was the joker, a character in the batman movie autos looks like a deranged vitd. his hair was painted red. >> he told police his apartment was beeny trapped and s.w.a.t. teams found flammable materials and evacuated buildings. >> we're also


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